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Pre-Employment Background Investigations

According to a recent survey by, recruiters and hiring managers stated the most common misleading information being put on resumes is: 


  • Inflated titles 

  • Inaccurate dates to cover up job hopping or gaps of employment 

  • Unfinished degrees, inflated education or "purchased" degrees that do not mean anything 

  • Inflated salaries 

  • Inflated accomplishments 

  • Out and out lies in regards to specific roles and duties

Be careful if you hire one of those $49.00 background investigation services. They do not conduct any investigation and only check public records. Our services at J R Investigations
include a hands-on investigation to determine the validity and accuracy of the applicant's resume.
General Background Investigations
We also conduct the following types of background checks: ​​​
  • Potential Business Partners 
  • Romantic Partners 
  • Clients/Litigants 
  • Roommates/Tenants
  • Anyone Suspicious including a neighbor
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