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Here is what our clients say about J R Investigations...

"Jay is bright, imaginative, has excellent knowledge, and is a pleasure to work with."
Phil Brown, Attorney at Law - Beverly Hills, CA

"Jay is a very competent, hardworking investigator. He performed excellent work in a timely manner by obtaining critical information and assisting with a difficult service of process. Highly recommended." 

Paul Nankivell, Attorney - Los Angeles, CA 

"Jay is thoroughly professional. He performed expertly and accomplished our objective on time and within budget."  Steve Filipowski, President at Shaheen, Novoselsky, Staat, Filipowski & Eccleston, P.C., -Chicago, IL 

"Jay is not only capable, thorough and professional, he's also discreet, congenial, and a pleasure to speak with. Jay was able to turn around a very difficult locate on my biological father (whom I've never met), with incredibly scarce and unreliable information to go on, in a mere 2 days. To complicate matters, this was in the midst of the hurricane-torn Gulf with phone lines down, days after Katrina ravaged the region-- Jay was still able to follow through and make a contact. Turns out, my dad was on the other side of the world at the time, and Jay was able to track him down in the Mediterranean, where only a day before there were questions as to whether he was even alive. It's a truly amazing story. 


I had tried over the course of a decade to hire investigators, all of whom were unable or unwilling to pursue the case, lacking much information as I did. Jay's candor and competence cut through all the nonsense I had come to expect, and now I and my father are in contact thanks to Jay's incredible investigative skills. I would (and do) recommend Mr. Rosenzweig's services without reservation: Jay wins my Investigator of the Century Award." Joshua R - Long Beach, CA 


"I recommend J R Investigations to anyone who is serious about finding a lost friend or someone important to them. I tried all the major Internet Search Companies spending hundreds of dollars with no results. I was just about ready to give up when I decided to give Jay Rosenzweig's company a call. In less than one day my former fiance from 23 years ago calls me up and says "Hi its Carol, Jay told me to give you a call!!!" We chatted and she sounded just like she did in College." Thank you, Jay. 

Ed G - Columbus, Ohio 


"I have been in practice since 1978. Since that time, I have found only one investigator who combines the skill, competence, and discretion that my clients require. Jay Rosenzweig of J R Investigations has the trust of my clients and myself. I believe that attorneys and litigants can use his services with confidence." 
Robert M. Levy, Attorney at Law - Los Angeles, California 


"I'm truly amazed that you were able to find my half-brother. You had almost nothing to go on, and you did it! That's pretty incredible."  Perry B - Boston, Massachusetts 


"My purse was stolen out of my car, which had my credit cards and all my other identifying information. When the police couldn’t help me, J R took the case and solved it within 48 hours and not only found the person who stole my identity, but helped crack a major theft ring." Judi L - West Hills, California

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